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School Board Recognition

Posted Date: 01/03/2017

January is School Board Recognition Month at Seagraves ISD

Being an effective school board member is no easy task, particularly in today’s climate of change and challenge. School board members need to be knowledgeable about many complex educational and social issues, and carry out initiatives and directives from both federal and state governments. To face these demands of governing our public schools, they give countless hours of personal time.

Through dedicated, responsible endeavors, school board members serve the public interest in public education and serve the needs of our children. They ensure decisions about public schools are made as close to the needs or our community as possible. Their public service is an excellent example for young and old alike of the tradition of volunteerism that is the hallmark of American society.

This January, local residents are invited to honor the contributions and dedication of our local school board members – those locally elected citizens who make decisions that affect, influence, and direct the education of our youth.
With the advice and counsel of the educational professionals they hire, our school board has an impact on virtually every aspect of our schools. It’s a huge responsibility and one, which should not be taken lightly. Too often, we neglect to recognize the dedication and hard work of these men and women who serve as advocates for our school. The staff and students of our Seagraves ISD are asking all local citizens to take a moment to tell a school board member “thanks for caring about our children.”

Our local school board members are:

  • Tim Carmichael –President
  • Brent Falkenbury – Vice President
  • Wesley Rodgers – Secretary
  • Lee Billings– Trustee
  • Pancho Casas – Trustee
  • Wade Ellis – Trustee
  • Vickie Rodriguez – Trustee

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