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Michille O'Brien

Welcome to my online classroom.

 I am going to use this space to give some basic instructions. As you know 4th grade has sent out packets including instruction for 5 days in all subjects.

Social Studies

I have also included 2 social studies lessons on my educational website under Kids Discover. Just log in with your students name and create a password. My classroom code is already there. Please do not stress over this. It is to provide help for you, not to add to your load.


I have added IXL on my educational links. You can access Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar, Science, and Social Studies. 

I would reccomend working on vocabulary, grammar, and writing every day in addition to Istation and IXL math. The rest would be optional. I will email the other teachers the usernames and passwords. you may contact either myself or them. 


Do your pages from your packet and then try to work on IXL 20-30 minutes a day.


Click on educational sites below and then click on the link desired.

If you have problems or questions, my email and the other 4th grade teachers emails are on our teacher page. I have also included my phone number. 

I hope this is helpful for you.

Mrs. OBrien

Michille O\'Brien

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