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Melanie Ragland

Mrs. Ragland’s Classroom 

Standard Operating Procedures for English II!

The surest way to pass this class is turn in ALL of your Completed work ON TIME! Work should always exhibit your BEST EFFORT!

Classroom Rules:

In this classroom, WE will be:

► Respectful

► Responsible

► Honest

► Safe

Anytime we break one of these rules, there will be consequences!


YOU are expected to bring all of their supplies to class every day! When you don’t have your supplies, you are breaking the Responsible rule, and there will be consequences. You will need the following materials in class EVERYDAY:

  • 3 subject spiral notebook
  • (2) 70-page spiral notebooks
  • 2 inch 3 ring binder w/ at least 3 dividers
  • Dividers (4)
  • 5 pack multi-colored highlighters
  • Blue, black, and red pens
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Laptop

Grading Policies:

Your average will be calculated according to the following policy:

► Daily work and Homework: 25 %

► Formative Assessments (IXL, Quizzes, Exit Slips): 15%

► Tests: 40 %

► Independent Reading: 20 %

Essays will count as a TEST grade. Independent Reading grades will be determined each 6 weeks based upon successful completion of a project or essay and AR Test grade for your Independent Reading Book.

Make up work:

If you are absent, you are RESPONSIBLE for asking for your makeup work. I will not remind you. You have 2 days (the day you return + 1 more) to make up work for every day of school you have missed because of an excused absence. Makeup tests must be scheduled for retake during Flex Period, or morning /afternoon tutorials.

Late Work:

Late work will be accepted only with prior permission from the teacher. Work is LATE if it is not turned in when the teacher asks for it. Late work will start with a -10 penalty for each day or class period it is late. This penalty begins with the moment I ask for your papers. If other students’ papers have been returned to them graded before you turn yours in, you should NOT expect credit on your LATE assignment! You will not receive full, if any, credit.

Essays and Research papers will receive heavier late penalties (starting at -50%) than that which is outlined here, and will depend on the amount of time given to work on the assignment in class.

My Conference period is 4th period (from 11:00 – 11:46 a.m.) daily. I am available by appointment after school until 4:00 for help.

Please talk with me as soon as you are having trouble! I will always try to find a way to help you be successful!     

            Mrs. Melanie Ragland, M.Ed.



Contact Melanie Ragland

School Phone:
806-387-2520 ext 215
Cell Phone:
Home Phone:
Conference Time:
4th Period 11:00-11:46

Melanie Ragland

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