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StockShow Results

Stockshow Results 2015-2016

South Plains Fair Oct 3, 2015

Shiann Cornett, Sabrina Williams, Karissa Bueno, and Johnthan Fleming attended the South Plains Fair and enter the Lamb Show. These students did great and put in a lot of hardwork. Johanthan Fleming had 10th place Lightweight Finewool. Shiann Cornett had 10th place Lightweight Medium Wool. Sabrina Williams had a 15th place Lightweight Medium Wool. Please congratulate these students.


Battle on the Border November 8th, 2015

Please congraduate the following students that attended the show. Shiann Cornett came home with a 2nd place win. Johnathan Fleming with a 4th place win*. And Sabrina Williams with serveral wins.


Gaines County Stock Show

Slide Show

The following at the highest placing animal for each student that competed at the Gaines County Stock Show.

Lexi Garza- Reserve Champion Rabbit

Johnathan Fleming- Breed Champion Finewool Lamb

Nevaeh Bueno- Reserve Breed Champion BOPB Barrow

Sara Maddox- Reserve Breed Champion Finewool Cross Lamb

Tyler Falkenbury- Reserve Breed Champion Southdown Lamb

Eric Arriaga- Reserve Breed Champion WOPB Barrow

Brooklynn James- First Place Goat

Karissa Bueno- First Place Lamb

Yenezah Martinez- First Place Barrow

Miranda Fleming- First Place Barrow

Sabrina Williams- Second Place Lamb

Soledad Bueno- Second Place Barrow

Adrian Perez- Second Place Goat

Alexis James- Second Place Lamb

Froilan Beltran- Second Place Barrow

Sara Casner- Second Place Barrow

Kadence Esparza- Second Place Barrow

Alexandra Gutierez- Second Place Barrow

Camden Huse- Second Place Barrow

Shiann Cornett- Second Place Barrow

Kaylee Mueller- Second Place Barrow

Andrea Shanklin- Second Place Barrow

Kandise Minjarez- Third Place Gilt

Noah Sarabia- Third Place Barrow

Mikaela Aguilar- Third Place Barrow

Tyler Carmichael- Third Place Barrow

Robbyn Rodriguez- Third Place Barrow

Dominick Longoria- Fourth Place Barrow

Breana Fleming- Fifth Place Barrow

Kiaya White- Fifth Place Gilt

Daighen Resendez- Fifth Place Barrow

Landon Longoria- Fifth Place Gilt

Mariah Ramirez- Fifth Place Barrow

Jesus Galaviz- Fifth Place Barrow

Evan Martinez- Fifth Place Barrow

Kyndle Esparza- Fifth Place Barrow

Robby Pinon- Fifth Place Barrow

Brittany Martin- Sixth Place Barrow

Zharia Childers- Sixth Place Barrow

Kiana White- Seventh Place Barrow

Rebecca Purcella- Seventh Place Barrow

Albert Gutierrez- Seventh Place Barrow

Case Clark- Seventh Place Barrow 

San Antonio LiveStock Show

All students did an outstanding job at the San Antonio LiveStock Show. Congrats to Froilan Beltran on recieving 10th place on the light weight Poland class.