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Becky Jefferson

Welcome!  I will keep this page updated with information about what we are studying in each class. 


U.S. History

I absolutely love our country.  The Unites States of America is one of the greatesdt places on Earth to live.  I love teaching the history of our country.  We talk about all the history even the not so good events. 

Right now we are in the Gilded Era.  A time period where factories, and cities were the popular place to be, and immigration was at an all-time high.  We closed the Western Frontier and connected the country from the East coast to the West coast.


English III

In English we will start off by reading a novel by John Steinbeck.  The kids will absolutely love this book, and it never fails to give students a new perspective on life, and the value of every person.  We are also going to be reviewing the parts of speech and basic grammar rules.  We are also going to be writing...A LOT.  Be prepared, but don’t be afraid.  Writing is not the most awful thing in the world, and I hope I can offer some ideas that will make writing less painful.  I believe every student has a voice and writing is a great opportunity to share that voice.

Becky Jefferson

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