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Sherilyn Phillips

HI, Welcome to my Pre K page.  My name is Sheri Phillips and I teach Pre K.  I have taught in Seagraves since 1998.  My first 17 years were in kindergarten. I absolutely love working with these little kids.  Our Pre K consists of myself and 3 wonderful teaching assistants: Mindy Rodriguez, Karina Pinon & Sylvia Martinez.  I could not do this without their hard work.

I graduated from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. My major was Education and my minor was Sports & Exercise Sciecne. My philosophy in college was “why bother going if you aren’t going to work hard and make an A?”. I graduated Cum Laude and am very proud of that.  I am certified to teach Pre-K  – 8th Grade, ESL.  (I must say I have no desire to teach anything other than Pre K)

I have been married to Larry for 23 years.  We have one daughter and 2 grandchildren.  We love seeing them when we can. Hailey is in 5th grade and Kenzie is in 3rd grade.  They both enjoy school very much and that makes my heart happy.

We have 2 fur babies, Boyd and Puppy.  We usually wait to name a new dog until we get to know him.  We have had puppy since Thanksgiving but we can’t agree on a name.  He is an outside dog and is destroying everything.  He is ALL puppy.  Sharp puppy teeth and puppy claws.  He is a ball of hyper energy and getting bigger and stronger.  Boyd stays in the house and is my little cuddler.  He got his name because when he was a baby he looked like a Boyd’s Bear.  He loves to go.  He wants to go if we are driving anywhere.  He also thinks if we are eating something he needs to have some too.  He loves just about everything. We love our dogs.

Sherilyn Phillips

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