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Daily Schedule



Mrs. Williams’ First Grade Schedule


 7:55-8:05          Announcements and Morning Assembly in the Cafeteria

 8:10-8:20          Morning Procedures Lunch Count, Restroom Break & Prepare for the day

 8:30-10:30        Phonics and Reading Workstations

10:30-10:45       Recess/Mental Break

10:45-10:50       Restroom Break 

10:50-11:15       Whole Group Shared Reading Science Social Studies

11:20-12:00       Lunch

12:00-12:45       Whole Group Math

12:50-1:35         Computers (Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday)

                             Music (Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Friday)

1:45-2:25           P.E.

2:30-3:20           Math Workstations

3:25                   Prepare to go home

3:30                   Bus Kids 

3:40                   Pickup Kids




Students will be learning 


Phonics we will learn to read, say, and spell words with the glued sounds (ang, ing, ong, ink, ank, onk, and ank).  This is unit 7 and it wil last three weeks we will test on Friday January the 24th .


Reading we will use fictional text and drama to explaian story elements: plot, characters, setting, and theme 


Writing we will write about our shared reading and work on edittin it to complete a final draft


Math we will learn relationships and patterns in numbers, reciting numbers forwards and backwards, skip counting, and numbers that are ten more and ten less than a given number,











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