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Seagraves ISD Employee Health and Wellness Guide 2020-2021

July 23, 2020

Seagraves ISD Staff,

            The administrative team at Seagraves ISD hopes you are doing well at this time. We are looking forward to a new school year. We know many things will be different and new this year. One of the many new changes has to do with staff wellness as we seek to keep our adults safe while working with students through guidelines and protocols related to COVID19. We will also be offering more insurance options in the new year than ever before. We are including links to numerous resources to assist you in choosing your plans for the new year. Please take time to review the resources on this page to support you with enrollment.

Please note a summary of these changes:

  • TRS plans have changed.
  • We now have access to additional plans through TSHBP instead of the TRS plans if you like the alternatives.
  • We will be encouraging everyone to shop and enroll remotely during the enrollment window.
  • Change in employee benefit structure, remains $480 per month total.
    • SISD will contribute $225 toward your insurance plan of choice but has retitled $255 as a stipend to be included in your pay. This will free up more of the $480 district support to be used on a variety of plans, mainly employee only plans which could be less than $480 in which employees previously forfeited the difference.
  • The cooperative of add-on policy plans will have a few changes as they do each year. Please consider your options and cost as you enroll. Plan details will be included and we encourage you all to make decisions that best serve your families. If you need support after accessing materials and reviewing enrollment options, please reach out to the business office for support. Remember we do not administer any of the insurance plans, but can assist with enrollment issues.

The SISD team appreciates your continued support. Please continue to take care and know that we consider it a blessing to serve you.

Reach out to me with any questions you may have. 806.252.8740



Josh Goen

SISD Benefits:

Video Message about changes and updates for this year. 


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TRS Insurance:

TSHBP Insurance:

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