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Current Bid Opportunities

Seagraves ISD Bid Opportunities:

Public Notice to Bidders is maintained on this site and advertised locally through a variety of media. It is the vendor's responsibility to obtain any addenda that pertain to bids. All bid opportunities will be available at SISD website that can be found at or at this link (CLICK HERE).
Thank you.

September – December 2021 Open Proposals and Bid Opportunities:

*Notice is hereby given that the Seagraves Independent School District, Seagraves, TX, is advertising a request for bids on the following: 

Contact Ruben Valles for more information: / 806.387.2035

61421 – Seagraves ISD Transportation Yard dirt work and caliche pad development over approximately 110,000 square feet along highway 83, also 12th street, in the 1000 block (ave. J-K). (AWARDED)

51221– Seagraves ISD Track & Field Surface repair and resurface at SISD football and track and field stadium along the 1100 block of 16th(AWARDED)

6121 – Seagraves ISD Football Stadium remodel along the 1100 block of 16th. (Restroom & Ticket Booth Demo / Rebuild) OPEN

73021 – Seagraves ISD Bus Barn Addition along 1000 block of 12th (AKA Hwy 83). (250’ X 70’, 10 bay metal parking structure for school vehicle fleet) (AWARDED) 

92921 – Seagrave ISD Seeking Bids for 35-72 passenger School Bus, 2019-new, TX Specifications OPEN

92921 – Seagravevs ISD Seeking Bids for 1 ton Crew Cab White Pickup for Ag Department OPEN

92921 – Seagraves ISD Seeking Bids for Auditorium Stage Floor Replacement (Demo existing floor and replace) OPEN

92921 – Seagraves ISD Seeking Bids for Auditorium Wall and Curtain Replacement OPEN