Angel Davila's Philosophy Page - High School Counselor


SISD Mission Statement

Seagraves ISD will customize student learning and create meaningful relationships with students, parents, and the community in order for students to develop and discover their skills and strengths, build their character, and believe in themselves. 

Personal Mission Statement

To provide current, successful services to a variety of students and staff of various ethniticities, ages, and across many developmental stages. My goal is to intervene, motivate, prepare, and nurture each individual in my care to accept, embrace, and potentially help them eventually become the most positive and flourished versions of themselves. 

Philosophy Statement

My philosophy of school counseling services involves building relationships with students within an environment that fosters nurturing and safety. I will continue to build skills and knowledge that enhance my abilities as a school counselor to advocate for all students’ success, regardless of their background. I will collaborate cooperatively and collectively with parents and stakeholders to add to the success of the students at Seagraves Junior High.

As a school counselor I believe:

All students have the right to learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

All students should be treated with respect.

All students should have access to a comprehensive school counseling program.

All students have the right to be served by a professional school counselor who will advocate for their academic, career, personal, social, and developmental needs.

All students have the capability to achieve their potential when given the correct opportunities.

 My responsibilities as a school counselor include:

Developing and delivering a comprehensive school counseling program that aligns with Seagraves Independent School District’s mission statement, as well as the ASCA National Model to address the needs of our students.

Offering a collaborative support system for the administrators, staff members, parents, students, and other stakeholders.

Collecting data to monitor the effectiveness and accountability of the school counseling program.

Participating in ongoing professional learning opportunities and accessing resources to stay abreast of current and relevant research and best practices regarding effective school counseling programs. This ensures that I will be a life-long learner that allows me to be objective in therapy, while making a meaningful connection with my clients.

Contributing in my own self-care to maintain my own growth.

Abiding by all ethical guidelines and mandates set forth by all applicable professional associations and/or Seagraves Independent School District.