EB Resources


Click here to access the Deepl translator. 

Learn and Practice English

Click here to access USA Learns to practice English and to review for your citizenship test.

Click here to access Duolingo to learn English, Spanish, or any other language.

Click here to access Pumarosa to learn English. 


Learning Content Support

Click here to access Story Line to have famous people read to your child.

Click here to access Khan Academy to help with your childs homework.

Click here to access Show Me for tutorials in all subject areas. 


Grammar Support

Click here to access English Grammar 101 for grammar lessons.

Click here to access English Page and get free weekly lessons and practice.

Click here to access EFL Net to learn and practice grammar, listening, reading, and vocabulary.



Click here to access The Online Picture Dictionary, with flashcards and other activities.


Parent Resource

Click here to access Colorin Colorado to help you, help your child, be successful.

Click here to access the ELL Texas Portal for resources.


Student Progress

Click here to access the Parent Portal to see your child’s progress and attendance in grades 1-12.  (Your log-in information is the same one you used for registration.)

Click here to access your child’s state assessment data. 


Teacher Resources


TELPAS Resources for teachers:

TELPAS Rater Manual 2023 K - 1

TELPAS Test Administrator Manual 2023 2 - 12

TELPAS Online Training Center

TEA TELPAS Resources Webpage

TELPAS Holistic Rating Training Requirements


Articles on Reading and other subjects: 



Check out these websites for differentiated instruction ideas:



Rosetta Stone