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Seagraves ISD Mission Statement

The mission of Seagraves ISD is to produce students who are self-motivated to set goals and experience success, have positive self-esteem emphasizing honesty, integrity, and dignity and who are loyal to self, school, and country through a comprehensive curriculum in a safe environment which will involve a positive whole-hearted commitment by faculty, home, and community and will provide knowledge and skills for a smooth transition from . . . read more

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Transformational Process

SISD is making changes.......           Since the beginning of the formal education process, schools have been reforming in an attempt to make what they offer students better and more appropriate.  Over the last 50 years dissatisfaction with public schools has grown, and this . . . read more

School Board

Board Meeting - September 8, 2014 - 7:00pm Board Meeting Agenda       The board members serving Seagraves ISD are: Lee Billings- President Grady Billings- Trustee Tim Carmichael- Vice- President Suelema Cortez- Trustee Jeanette Hadaway- Trustee Wesley Rodgers- . . . read more

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